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One of the wonderful things about Vancouver is that it offers so many different kinds of tours. You can tour by bus, float plane, train, boat or a combination of these. Here is a run down of your tour options and links to get you to the right place if you want to sign up.

Bus Tours

We offer the best Vancouver bus tours with experienced and interesting guides including hotel or cruise ship pick up and drop off.

Vancouver City Highlights Tour – This tour lasts 4 hours, and includes pick up and drop off at your downtown Vancouver or airport hotel. You see the major sights of the city on a comfortable bus. The tour includes 4 stops: Stanley Park (2), Granville Island, and the Vancouver Look Out with its 360 degree views of the city. This tour is fun because it captures different aspects of the city, and makes you realize why so many people speak so highly of it. Adults $80, Children 4-11 $50 For more information or to make reservations, click HERE

Victoria and Butchart Gardens– This 13 hour tour of Victoria includes both bus transportation and ferry transportation. Victoria is located on Vancouver Island, and the only way to get there is to ferry or fly. More about the fly option later on. This tour includes pick up and drop off at your hotel, transportation to the Tsawwassen ferry terminal about 21 miles from Vancouver, 1 hour 35 minute ferry ride from Tsawwassen to Swartz Bay, transportation from the ferry to the Butchart Gardens, which are beautiful year round, free time to explore Victoria, one of the most beautiful and English cities in Canada, and a return bus and ferry ride to your hotel. Many people enjoy breakfast in the ferry cafeteria going to Victoria and dinner in the buffet on the way back. Adults $215, Children 4-11 $110 For more information or to make reservations, click HERE

Vancouver City and Capilano Bridge Tour – This 5.5 hour tour includes, besides pick up and drop off at your hotel, both Vancouver’s highlights, without the Look Out, and the amazing Capilano Suspension Bridge and Park with its 450 foot long suspension stretching over the Capilano Canyon, 230 feet above the Capilano River rushing below. Other attractions at the Park include the Cliff Walk over small suspension walk ways and glass floored look outs and the Tree Top Adventures, more suspended walk ways that guide you from tree to tree. The Cliff Walk took three years to build at a cost of $5.3 million. It’s built to last, as is the Suspension Bridge that was first opened in 1889. Don’t worry. It’s gone through a lot of revisions since then. Adults $130, Children 4-11 $75 For more information or to make reservations, click HERE

Whistler and Shannon Falls Tour – This 11 hour tour includes pick up and drop off at your hotel, a drive along the spectacular Sea to Sky highway as it hugs the coastline from Vancouver to Squamish, with stops along the way. En route to Squamish, you’ll stop at Shannon Falls, BC’s third highest waterfall. Watching the water fall around you is exhilarating and worthy of several snapshots. When you arrive in the village of Squamish, you’ll stop at the Lil’wat Cultural Centre with its exhibits, movies and gift shop. Then it’s on to Whistler, your final destination. Whistler, site of the 2010 Winter Olympics, is one of the most popular winter ski destinations and summer playgrounds in North America. In Whistler, you’ll find high end hotels and restaurants, cozy cafes, excellent shopping, zip lines, mountain bikes and riders and beauty wherever you turn in this pedestrian only village. You’ll have free time to explore Whistler’s shops, trails, chair lifts, zip lines and excellent restaurants. Adults $145, Children 4-11 $80 For more information or to make reservations, click HERE

Grouse Mountain & Capilano Bridge Tour – This 6.5 hour tour with pick up and drop off at your hotel includes both Grouse Mountain, the Capilano Suspension Bridge and the Capilano Fish Hatchery. You’ll start with a ride from downtown Vancouver to the base of Grouse Mountain where you’ll board the Grouse Mountain Skyride for your 8 minute ride to the top of the mountain. Grouse Mountain has entertaining movies about the area, a good bistro and coffee bar, two orphaned grizzly bears, if they aren’t hibernating, and birds of prey. In Winter, you can ice skate, and in Summer, you can see the lumberjack show. Adults $170, Children 4-11 $100 For more information or to make reservations, click HERE

If you don’t have time for a 4 hour or longer tour, consider one of the Hop On, Hop Off Vancouver bus tours. They pick up and drop off at convenient locations around the city year round. If you don’t feel like getting off the bus, you can get a snap shot of the city in two hours.

Vancouver Float Plane Tours

The float plane tours provide a fascinating aerial view of our vast terrain.

Vancouver Panorama Tours – Three Panorama tours are available: 10 minute, 20 minute and 35 minute. These tours give you a chance to see the city and surrounding water and wilderness from the air. There is no better way to appreciate Vancouver’s incredible location, balanced between the water and the wilds, than to experience it by float plane. Flights are available daily year round, weather permitting. Click HERE for more information.

Victoria Fly and Ferry – This all day package is really perfect. You take off from Vancouver’s downtown harbour or Vancouver Airport South terminal by float plane for a 30 minute flight to downtown Victoria. You land in Victoria’s Inner Harbour, just 5 minutes from the Empress Hotel. Flights leave Vancouver for Victoria every 20 minutes in the morning and you can choose any available flight. Once you’ve had a chance to explore Victoria and visit the Butchart Gardens (optional), go whale watching (optional) or enjoy High Tea at the Empress (optional), you board a bus in Victoria for the 45 minute drive to the ferry terminal at Swartz Bay and return to downtown Vancouver. Buffet dinner (optional) is available on most of the 5:00 PM ferry sailings. This package is also available with flights in both directions. Click HERE for more information.

Victoria Day Trip
The fastest and easiest way to visit Victoria for the day. This package includes round trip flights by float plane from downtown Vancouver to downtown Victoria in the morning and a return flight, downtown to downtown at the end of the day. You can choose your departure time and your return. You’ll have as much time in Victoria to explore the area and, if you want, visit the world famous Butchart Gardens (included) and enjoy High Tea at the Empress hotel (not included). Because Vancouver is British Columbia’s largest city but Victoria is its capital, business and government people travel between the two cities regularly. The float planes make that trip quick (30 minutes) and easy. Click HERE for more information.

The Mail Run – Fly on scheduled runs to the small communities on the Gulf Islands on this interesting tour. Each trip is different depending on the required pick ups and drop offs. For more information, click HERE.

Victoria Whale Watching – The best place to see whales is in the waters off of Victoria, and what a sight they are to see! You can either go out on a covered boat that has outdoor access from the top or back, or go on an open Zodiac. The covered boat has restroom facilities and offers coffee or tea service. Each adventure is complimented by the expertise of local marine naturalists and biologists, providing commentary and educational information about our marine eco-systems and their unique inhabitants. The trip lasts 3+ hours, and it is incredibly fun. Click HERE for more information.

Alpine Lakes & Glaciers – This 1.25 hour tour includes a 30 minute flight to a hidden alpine lake on Mt. Manquam (8450 feet) with a landing on the lake and 15 minutes to explore. Or, if you want to spend an hour at the lake, order the picnic lunch and make this a truly memorable experience. Click HERE for more information.

Bowen Island Fly and Dine – This evening adventure begins at 5:30 or 6:30 PM, depending on the season. It includes a 30 minute Panorama flight to Snug Cove on Bowen Island, a wonderful sheltered island close to West Vancouver. After your plane lands and taxis to the float plane dock, you will walk to Doc Morgan’s restaurant for a three course dinner. After dinner, you’ll take a 20 minute ferry ride to the mainland, and a limousine will be waiting to take you back to downtown Vancouver, a thirty minute ride. Click HERE for more information.

Zodiac Dine and Fly – This 5 hour afternoon experience (beginning between 12:00 – 3:00 PM, depending on the season) includes pick up at your hotel, transportation to Horseshoe Bay, a 30 minute scenic drive from downtown. When you reach Horseshoe Bay, you will dress in Expedition suits for your two hour guided nature tour by Zodiac, a 12 person inflatable open boat. At the conclusion of the tour, you’ll shed your expedition suit and stroll to the Boathouse restaurant for an early three course dinner including your choice of appetizer, entree and dessert. After dinner, you’ll get back to downtown Vancouver via a 20 minute Panorama float plane tour. Because float planes fly by sight and not by instruments, you will be back in downtown Vancouver before dark. Click HERE for more information.