Vancouver ESL Schools

Vancouver has some of the best language schools in the world; and learning English in Vancouver is very popular because the city is beautiful, safe and lively.

Vancouver also offers diversity, a cosmopolitan but friendly atmosphere, excellent affordable housing for students and more fun than just about any other city in the world. These factors make Vancouver a language school mecca. It offers a wide range of language schools, ESL programs and Language Institutes to choose from.

Planning Your Studies

If you’re planning to study in Vancouver, there are a number of ways to proceed. Some students prefer to do all the work on their own. If you choose to do things yourself, your best bet is to attend a local community college or one of the recommended language schools listed below.

Most schools help you find a place to stay. Some schools charge an extra fee for this service. And if you wish to change schools, you may have to find another place to live. Find out whether you can change schools without changing homestays before you sign any forms or pay any money.

Choosing A School

Choosing a school is difficult because there are so many options in Vancouver. However, you can narrow down your choices once your goals are clear. If you want to develop language skills, but also have fun, choose a school with classes that emphasize conversation, culture and fun.

If your goals are academic because you plan to attend a North American University, then it’s best to study English at an institution of higher education, either a local community college listed below or one of the two local universities, Simon Fraser or the University of British Columbia. All these schools offer excellent ESL programs.

Local Community Colleges with ESL Programs

Local Universities with ESL Programs

  • English Bridge Program

Recommended Vancouver Language Schools

The schools listed below have all been in business for a long time, and all have excellent reputations.


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