Rocky Mountaineer Train Vacations to the Canadian Rockies

Rocky Mountaineer train trips offer scenic and satisfying travel experiences. Finding the right Rocky Mountaineer train package is sometimes a challenge because so many options litter the landscape. These tips will make finding the right trip easier.


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Rocky Mountaineer Fast Facts:

1. The Rocky Mountaineer is the only train that travels between Vancouver and Banff. Since 2013, the Rocky Mountaineer has also traveled between Vancouver and Lake Louise. No other trains travel these routes.

2. The Rocky Mountaineer is a seasonal train with service beginning in late April and ending the first week in October.

3. The Rocky Mountaineer is an all daylight train. That means you don’t sleep on the train. Instead, the train stops at the midpoint on the two day journey, you get off the train and buses take you to a hotel. You spend the night at the hotel and the following day, buses take you back to the train. You reboard the train and continue your journey.

4. Rocky Mountaineer trains travel four routes, in both directions.

  • Vancouver and Banff or Calgary
  • Vancouver and Jasper
  • Vancouver and Jasper through Whistler
  • Vancouver and Seattle

5. All Rocky Mountaineer train tours to the Canadian Rockies are built on a two day, three night package. This package includes two days on the Rocky Mountaineer and three hotel nights, one night before you board the train, one night between your two days on the train and one night after your second day on the train. The basic package looks like this: [Hotel] -> [TRAIN] -> [Hotel] -> [TRAIN] -> [Hotel]

The basic Rocky Mountaineer two day, three night package is called the Classic Rail Vacation. This 4 day, 3 night package counts the day before you board the train, two days on the train, and the day after your leave the train as part of the package. With this package and other Rocky Mountaineer packages, transfers between hotels and train stations and are included. Luggage handling is included with all package.

6. If you want to travel on the Rocky Mountaineer train, make sure any package you purchase specifically names the Rocky Mountaineer in its description. Some companies sell train packages to the Canadian Rockies but do not include the Rocky Mountaineer train itself. All our packages include the Rocky Mountaineer train.

7. Rocky Mountaineer train packages are flexible. You can add, subtract or substitute components. What doesn’t change are train departure days:

  • Vancouver to Banff: Departs Monday and Friday (Arrive in Vancouver Sunday or Thursday, the day before departure since the train departs at 8:00 AM)
  • Banff to Vancouver: Departs Sunday and Wednesday (Arrive in Banff Saturday or Tuesday)
  • Vancouver to Jasper: Departs Tuesday and Friday (Arrive in Vancouver on Monday or Thursday)
  • Jasper to Vancouver: Departs Sunday and Thursday (Arrive in Jasper on Saturday or Wednesday)
  • Vancouver to Jasper through Whistler: Departs Saturday
  • Jasper to Vancouver through Whistler: Departs Tuesday

8. Trains don’t travel between Banff and Jasper. (See map.) Rental cars and tours are available to link these destinations.

Popular Canadian Rockies Rail Options

1. Canadian Rockies Experience, a compact four night tour packed with value and beauty. This package include
one night in Vancouver
two days on the Rocky Mountaineer
one night in Kamloops (town in the British Columbia interior and the midpoint on the journey)
two nights in Banff National Park
tour to Lake Louise
transfer to Calgary airport
all train station transfers and luggage handling
This trip looks like this:
[Hotel 1] -> [TRAIN] -> [Hotel 2] -> [TRAIN] -> [Hotel 3] -> [LL Tour] ->[Hotel 3] ->[Airport Transfer]

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