Trans Canada: Vancouver/Toronto – No Stops

4 Nights / 3 Days


The four nights and three days Trans Canada journey between Vancouver and Toronto offers the fastest train travel between Vancouver and Toronto. The train stops briefly several times, most notably for 90 minutes in Jasper National Park, so you have a chance to get off the train, stretch your legs and explore this quaint and isolated town in the heart of the Canadian Rockies.

If you take the train between Toronto and Vancouver, you’ll have a number of sleeping options. The first is Coach. If you choose Coach Service, you’ll have a reclining seat with a foot rest, a pillow and a blanket. Meals are not included; however, you can bring food with you, pick it up at stops along the way or eat in the train’s snack bar. In the off season, meals are available in the dining car as well.

Your second option is an upper berth in a 6 berth shared sleeping car. There are three upper and three lower berths in each car. The upper berth differs from the lower berth not only because it is slightly harder to access, you have to climb a ladder to get into it, but also because the upper berth does not have a window. Lower berths have windows.

Lower berths, the third option, are easier to get into and out of and they have a window that runs the length of the sleeping area. Both upper and lower berths have a light, a fan, a privacy curtain with comfortable bedding and mattress. With both lower and upper berths, meals in the dining car are included.

The fourth accommodation option is a private bedroom for one, two or three people. Private bedrooms have a bed or beds, a sink and a toilet. In all cases, showers, located at the end of each car, are shared.

There are very few private three bed rooms on each train, so they are never discounted and they sell out quickly. Often they are reserved by two people who prefer a private bedroom but don’t want to sleep in an upper berth.


  • Prices depend on when you travel, number and age of travelers and type of train accommodations
  • Call 888-842-7245 or visit for more information and reservations.


Accommodations include Coach seating with pillow and blanket, upper berths, lower berths, private bedrooms for one, two or three passengers. Private bedrooms for two passengers have one upper and one lower berth. Private bedrooms for one have a toilet that is covered by the bed at night. The bed must be raised for access.


The train departs Vancouver each Monday, Tuesday and Friday at 3:00 PM. It arrives in Toronto 4 days later.