Grouse Mountain and its SkyRide

grouse-mountain-skyrideThe Grouse Mountain SkyRide is one of Vancouver’s major attractions. The Skyride makes the trip up and down Grouse Mountain seven days a week, every fifteen minutes.

The SkyRide starts at the base of the Grouse Mountain at about 300 metres (1000 feet) and climbs to 1100 m (3700 feet) in twelve minutes. During the trip, you can see all of Vancouver and the surrounding area. It’s an exciting and informative ride, and you’ll feel like you’re on an exotic European vacation.

Adult (19-64 years) $46.00
Senior (65+ years) $42.00
Youth (13-18 years) $26.00
Child (5-12 years) $16.00
Tot (4 years & under) Free

At the top of Grouse Mountain, your SkyRide destination, there’s plenty to do. You can sit in the chalet and enjoy the fire in winter and the view any time of year. You can shop in the gift shop or clothing store. You can ski snowboard, ice skate and snowshoe as well.

In summer you can hike, try the new Zip Line, watch a lumberjack show, take a helicopter tour, or, for a real thrill, try tandem paragliding. In winter, you can ski Grouse Mountain, snowboard, snowshoe, ice skate or take a free sleigh ride.

All year round you can watch the high definition video presentation, Born To Fly, about the history of Grouse Mountain, eat at the gourmet Observatory Restaurant, the Altitudes Bistro, Lupin’s Café, Rusty Rail BBQ and Grill and Grouse Grind Coffee Bar. There’s a Starbucks at the base of the mountain.

To get to the base of the Grouse Mountain SkyRide, cross the Lions Gate Bridge. Take the North Vancouver exit (right) to Marine Drive. Turn north (left) at the first intersection, Capilano Road. Stay on Capilano Road for 5km (3.1 miles) until the road ends at the Grouse Mountain parking lot.

By public transportation, take the SeaBus to the Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver. Take bus #236 to the Grouse Mountain parking lot. An alternative is to take bus #246 on West Georgia St across the Lions Gate Bridge to Edgemont Village. From there, transfer to bus #232 that will take you to the Grouse Mountain parking lot.

If you’re feeling especially fit, you can hike up to the top of Grouse Mountain and take the SkyRide down. The descent costs only $5.00. The trail, called the Grouse Grind starts on the east side of the road just at the beginning of the parking lot. It’s 2.9 km pretty much straight up.

If you’re in good shape, you can make it in about an hour, give or take a few minutes. The Grind is very popular with locals who like to brag about their times. There’s a race to the top every year. This year’s winner did it in 27.5 minutes. The fastest woman did it in just a second over 34 minutes.

For more information, check out the Grouse Mountain website or give them a call at 604-980-9311.