Restaurants and Food in Vancouver

Restaurant food in Vancouver is diverse, sophisticated and so good it’s worth visiting this spectacular city just for its restaurants.

As a general rule, our recommendations shy away from the newest restaurants that get the hype and, instead, go with restaurants that have been around a while and have demonstrated their staying power.

Some of our long term favourites are Bishops, West, Chambar, CinCin, Pied-A-Terre, Provence, Vij’s and Les Faux Bourgeois. Our current favourite is East Of Main, at 223 East Georgia Street. It’s a new cafe featuring locally produced meals made from scratch, and it has great cocktails. It’s open for lunch and dinner, and the proceeds go to the Project Limelight Society; a free performing arts program for young people living in and around Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

None of these restaurants is inexpensive, but some are more affordable if you go for lunch. Some are only open for dinner. Vij’s is only open for dinner, and they don’t take reservations so arrive at 5:00 PM and chat in line with other early diners until the restaurant opens at 5:30 PM.

Don’t miss The Observatory at the top of Grouse Mountain for good food and great views. The entrees here are $39 per person. However, if you are planning to visit Grouse Mountain, and it’s well worth a visit, you’ll discover that tickets on the SkyRide to the top of the mountain are $37 each.

If you make a reservation at the Observatory, the SkyRide is FREE, so you are either getting the Skyride for free or your entree for $2. To make reservations at the Observatory, call Grouse Mountain at 604-980-9311.

For more modest fare and prices, try Moderne Burger on Broadway and Jolly’s Indian Food on 4th. Avenue. Moderne Burger has fantastic retro architecture with great hamburgers, milkshakes and malts in metal glasses and crisp, hot fries. Jolly’s offers really good Indian food that is perfectly balanced. It’s not over spiced and not greasy at all.

If you just want coffee and a snack, Vancouver is a coffee mecca. You can hardly go a block without running into one or more coffee places. Try two local companies: Blenz and Delany’s. There are several of each around town. Both are local coffee companies. After all, you don’t want to settle for Seattle’s Best or Starbucks when you could go with a local company.