Fishing in Vancouver

sturgeonIf you’re in Vancouver and want to try fishing, you’re definitely in luck. Vancouver and the surrounding area sustains a healthy 365 day fishery for salmon, bottom fish, prawns and crab.

In fact, Vancouver and the surrounding area is probably the most under rated fishery along the coast of British Columbia. Healthy populations of bait fish in the Vancouver Harbour keep salmon around all year long and its close proximity to the Fraser River allows fishermen to fish year round.

The Fraser River begins at the base of the Rocky Mountains at the foot of Mount Robson, the tallest mountain in the Canadian Rockies.

As it twists its way through British Columbia it grows from a small mountain creek to a large fast flowing river full of life and teeming with fish.

The Fraser River provides the lifeline to most of Southwest British Columbia with over 30 million salmon returning each year to spawn. These salmon migrate from northern BC and Alaska each year to return home to the Fraser. To do so they must pass by Vancouver and Vancouver Island before entering the Fraser River just south of downtown Vancouver.

The Fraser not only boasts one of the largest salmon runs in the world, it is also home to over 50,000 healthy White Sturgeon, one of the largest game fish found anywhere in North America.

The sturgeon fishery is all catch and release so all fish must be handled with care and released unharmed. There is a thriving guide industry on the Fraser, so it is very easy to find a fishing guide willing to show you the fishing trip of a lifetime.

If you prefer to do it yourself, there are plenty of great smaller game fish in the area. Vancouver offers some smaller rivers near the city with trout and salmon fishing for shore anglers with their own gear.

You can find excellent Vancouver fishing only 30 minutes from downtown Vancouver. Locals fish both the Capilano River below the dam and fish hatchery.

You’ll also find them fishing the Burrard Inlet off one of the piers in West Vancouver, either the Ambleside pier at the foot of 14th and Marine Drive or the Dundarave pier at the foot of 25th and Marine.

Vancouver Fishing GuideHowever, if you want to do some Vancouver Salmon Fishing (the kind of fishing British Columbia is famous for), then your best bet is to contact a local fishing guide or fishing shop.

Fishing is a time sensitive endeavor, at least around here. For the best chance to catch fish, you have to be at the right place at the right time; sometimes daily updates make all the difference.
For the best guided fishing experience in and around Vancouver contact STS Guiding Service at 604-671-3474 or Toll Free at 1-866-771-3474.