Rocky Mountaineer and Lake Louise


Lake Louise is one of the most beautiful natural environments, and one of the most famous, in the world, and it would be a shame to visit the Canadian Rockies without adding Lake Louise to your itinerary.

And because Lake Louise is only 55 km (36 miles) from Banff, including it in your itinerary, even in a short one, is easy to do.

Rental cars are available in Banff by the day, or you can enjoy a 6.5 hour tour from Banff that includes transportation to Lake Louise, free time at the Lake with lunch and a stop at Johnston Canyon. You’ll have time to stroll along the lake shore and enjoy the elegance, grandeur and beauty of the Chateau Lake Louise

If you’re interested in a package that includes the train trip, 2 nights in Banff and this tour to Lake Louise, see our bargain priced 4 night and 5 day Canadian Rockies Excursion.

For the complete Lake Louise experience, book one of our Rocky Mountaineer Rail tours that include a night at the Chateau. Consider our 5 night Canadian Rockies Highlights. This package includes a night at the Chateau Lake Louise, two helicopter tours, overnight stays in Banff, Vancouver, Calgary and Kamloops and all luggage handling and transfers.

Or consider a six night Canadian Rockies Highlights Tour 6 Night Canadian Rockies Highlights with an extra night in Vancouver and a tour of Vancouver’s North Shore. The two nights in Vancouver with the tour is included either at the beginning or the end of your trip, depending on whether you begin in Vancouver or Calgary.