CarShare and Rideshare in Vancouver

Carsharing and Ridesharing Vancouver
Another way to travel to and from Vancouver is by using the city’s various options of carsharing and ridesharing. These new types of sharing economy services make it cheap and efficient to get around the city.
Modo is Vancouver’s very own carshare programme. With over 450 vehicles to choose from modo(anything from a minivan to a pickup truck or a convertible), it is also Vancouver’s cheapest option for carsharing.
Rent a Modo vehicle from $8 per hour or $64 per day, which includes 200kms of driving and insurance. Check out Modo’s website for more information.
Zipcar are the world leader in carsharing services, and have a fleet of 200 vehicles in Vancouver. Their prices are a little higher than Modo, at $9 – $11 per hour or $90 – $110 per day. With Zipcar, you also get 200kms included per day and insurance.
Check the Zipcar Vancouver website for more information.
Evo is a local carsharing company operated by BCAA. It differs from Modo and Zipcar in that you can pick-up and drop-off cars anywhere within the “home zone”, a defined perimeter within Vancouver.
This service is better for shorter trips, as Evo charge per minute of driving (41c per minute). Evo also has a daily rate of $89.99 and their cars include a ski and bike roof rack.
Check out the Evo website for more information.
If you come from other parts of Canada, the US or Europe, chances are you’re already a Car2go member.
Car2go operate a fleet of smart cars (2 seats) across Vancouver. They operate using a similar model to Evo (where you can pick-up and drop-off the car anywhere within a home zone). The pricing is 41c per minute or $84.99 per day.
Check out the Car2go website for more information.
hitchplanetIf you get a car, consider filling you empty seats with HitchPlanet – The Rideshare Community, Vancouver-based Ridesharing service. Reduce your costs and meet new people when getting in and out of town: HitchPlanet has regular rides to Whistler, Squamish, Seattle and Kelowna.
If you don’t have a car, you can catch a ride with the many drivers using the HitchPlanet service (view the rideshare list for Vancouver). Rates are usually much lower than the bus equivalents on long journeys, and it’s a fun and sustainable way to travel!
Submitted by Flo Devellennes