I know. You’re surprised that there are any beaches in Vancouver because all you’ve ever heard is how much it rains. Well it does rain every now and then, but in the summer most days are long, warm and sunny, perfect days for hanging out at the beach.

Vancouver has a dozen of the best beaches, and all but Wreck Beach have lifeguards in summer. As a bonus, both Second Beach in Stanley Park, and Kitsilano Beach have huge, heated swimming pools, so you can swim in the ocean or swim in a pool and look out at the ocean.

Fires are not allowed on any Vancouver beaches. However, you can bring a barbecue or hibachi if it is at least 30 inches off the ground. That includes placing it on a picnic table.

Lifeguards are posted on beaches until the first week in September.

One of Vancouver’s beaches, Wreck Beach, is clothing optional. It is located at the western tip of Vancouver adjacent to the UBC campus, down a long flight of steep stairs. However, the stairs don’t deter the happy visitors.

Here’s a list of prominent Vancouver beaches starting in Stanley Park and ending at UBC.

  • Third Beach (Stanley Park)
  • Second Beach (Stanley Park)
  • English Bay
  • Kitsilano Beach
  • Jericho (has excellent hostel for individuals and families)
  • Locarno Beach
  • Spanish Banks Beach
  • Wreck Beach (clothing optional)
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