Vancouver Airport to/from Nanaimo

You can fly between the Vancouver International Airport (Richmond) and Nanaimo in only 20 minutes on regularly scheduled seaplane flights.

Flights leave from Nanaimo and land at the Vancouver International South Terminal. Shuttles are available from the float plane terminal to the YVR main terminal where you can catch both domestic and international flights.

The Nanaimo terminal is located in the Pioneer Waterfront Plaza across from the Lighthouse Bistro.
Unit 1A – 90 Front Street
Nanaimo, BC

One Way Fares: Total per person adult fares start at $103 including all fees and tax. Children 2-11 fares start at $53 including tax.. All fares are in Canadian dollars.

For reservations, call 604-990-9299 or 1-800-913-9207, Email or Book Online Now

Between the Airport (YVR) and Nanaimo

Flights depart Nanaimo for the airport and the airport for Nanaimo four times, in each direction, during the day. There are two morning and two afternoon flights in each direction. Please call for exact departure times as they change depending on the amount of daylight. There are 8 flights daily.

Check-in at least 25 minutes prior to departure time.
Luggage allowance is 50 lbs.
If your luggage weighs more than 50 pounds, yet there’s room on the plane, all your luggage will go with you. Otherwise it can go on the next available flight that has space.

For reservations, call 604-990-9299 or 800-913-9207, Email or Book Online Now

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